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The Golddomedammerung: When Irish eyes are shinered

The latest on the Jimmy Clausen is that he was sucker-punched by "an irate fan" outside of a bar.

Tebow's future...coaching?

Tim Tebow's future as a pro is a big question at the moment that will get bigger at time draws closer to the NFL Draft.

The Golddomedammerung: Irish QB fighting in a bar?

WGN reports Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen got in a little bit of a fight at a bar in South Bend in the early morning hours this past Sunday morning.

Rich Rodriguez Hubris Watch: AD search committee snubs football program

Michigan has put together a search committee to find a replacement for outgoing Athletic Director Bill Martin.

The Golddomedammerung: Guess who's not coming to dinner, Domers? Urban Meyer, that's who

The last Golddomedammerung post has barely enough time to dry and this little gem pops up.

The Golddomedammerung: Replacing Charlie Weis won't be as easy as you think

Dan Wetzel claims that the "Irish can't get it wrong" in the headline for his article on replacing Charlie Weis.

Mark Richt Hubris Watch: Looks like Richt needs New Years' plans

Mark Richt can pretty much plan on a quiet New Years at home with the family this year.

Bud Adams invents a new kind of finger.

What does Tennessee Titans' owner have flowing through his veins?

The Golddomedammerung: Connecticut 33 Notre Dame 30

Not quite there yet, but she's warming up.

FOX Sports announcers suspended for being mocking Iranian-born NBA player

A couple of FOX Sports Prime Ticket announcers who did play-by-play for the Los Angeles Clippers were suspended from last night's telecast because of comments made about Memphis Grizzlies rookie...

Gameday: Ohio State and Michigan

In case you didn't hear Ohio State and Michigan play today.

(Yes, this was an excuse to post this .)

Grateful Dead Monopoly. Please Kill Me Now

Out at the mall today I saw a Deadhead version of Monopoly:

Now I have become Don Henley, Destroyer of Worlds.

Ryan A. Conklin and IAVA

Former MTV Real World: Brooklyn cast member SGT.