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Grateful Dead Monopoly. Please Kill Me Now

Out at the mall today I saw a Deadhead version of Monopoly:

Now I have become Don Henley, Destroyer of Worlds.

Ryan A. Conklin and IAVA

Former MTV Real World: Brooklyn cast member SGT.

The Golddomedammerung: Time to put the Paul Johnson rumors to rest

Notre Dame still hasn't fired Charlie Weis yet, but they can mark one name off the list for possible replacements.

NFL future hazy for Tim Tebow

It's probably a good thing that Tim Tebow stayed at Florida for graduate, because NFL Draft gurus aren't too hot on him.

Rich Rodriguez Hubris Watch: Mitch Albom's two cents worth

Mitch Albom took time to chime in about Rich Rodriguez.

The real Jay Cutler won't talk to NBC, so they should interview a fake one

It looks like Bob Costas is going to need someone outside the Chicago Bears' organization to interview.

Mark Mangino Hubris Watch: Try blaming this one on his weight

Chances are that Mark Mangino will be coaching at Kansas after this season aren't looking too well.

I Smell Lameness: Oregon fans rap about their Ducks

It looked like Oregon's chances of going to the Rose Bowl went up in smoke with the loss to Boise State at the top of the year.

The Golddomedammerung: More Paul Johnson replacing Charlie Weis silliness

Last week The Atlanta-Journal Constitution's Jeff Schultz brought up the possibility (all the while claiming to dispell it) of Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson as a candidate for the Notre Dame head...

It's official. UGA goes off the deep end.

From Online Athens comes this clip of the Georgia Bulldogs football team jumping off a diving platform.It seems like the perfect metaphor for this season.(via Online Athens)...

Jason Whitlock is The Biggest Loser in Criticizing Mark Mangino's Weight.

Jason Whitlock hasn't met a Twinkee he didn't like.


Smokey IX here is a bluetick coonhound.

Rich Rodriguez Hubris Watch: Michael Wilbon says it's over for Rich-Rod

Pardon the Interruption, but Michael Wilbon says that Rich Rodriguez's days at Michigan are about over.