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Rumor of the day: Mountain West Conference+Boise State=BCS?

Call this the blockbuster rumor of the day.

1.000 Hits. Thanks everyone.

Shirts With Random Triangles hit 1,000 views yesteday.

Tony Gonzalez now claims he wasn't nekkid

Tony Gonzalez is now claiming that he and his wife October weren't nekkid in their ad for PeTA.

Mark Richt Hubris Watch: Where Georgia would rank as an ACC team

The criticism of Georgia this season has gotten rough lately, but this one really hurts.

Brian Stokes: From the Marines to the Mountaineers

Fanhouse's David Steele has an article on Brian Stokes, a Iraq war veteran who served in the Marines and later played football for the Appalachian State Mountaineers .

Rich Rodriguez Hubris Watch: Setting Rich-Rod up to fail

Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press gives the terms by which Rich Rodriguez should come back to Michigan for 2010: win the Big Ten or else.

Sammy Sosa gets creamed

It looks like Sammy Sosa is saying is new found whiteness is due to a "cream" used as a skin softener.

New BCS projections: USC vs. Boise State? Please let this happen! has updated projections of what the BCS bowls might look like:

BCS (alledged) Championship: Alabama vs.

Tony Gonzalez looks for an excure to get nekkid

The late great Southern humorist Lewis Grizzard once said "In the south there's a difference between 'Naked' and 'Nekkid.' 'Naked' means you don't have any clothes on.

Oh child, please moment of the day: Paul Johnson a Notre Dame candidate?

The hot choice to replace the still not fired Charlie Weis as Former Fighting Irish head coach seems to be Cincinnati's Brian Kelly.

Real World Presents:Return to Duty

If you watched the Real World: Brooklyn on MTV earlier this year you know about the story of Ryan Conklin, an Army vet who served in Iraq.


Thanks for all those who have served our nation in times of war and peace.

Hasheem Thabeet got a jawbreaker, but would have preferred an Everlasting Globstopper

Memphis Grizzlies center Hasheem Thabeet, the second overall draft pick in the 2009 NBA Draft got a broken jaw Tuesday night.