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Sammy Sosa outlook is a little...brighter?

NBC Washington is reporting that former baseball roid freak star Sammy Sosa has undergone a radical transformation.

It had to happen: The Manning Meter

Want to keep track of Peyton Manning's march to the top of the NFL record books?

Rich Rodriguez Hubris Watch: Purdue 38, Michigan 36

I'm seriously wondering if Rich Rodriguez is going to be back at Michigan next year.

Emelianenko delivers, Strikeforce doesn't

Fedor Emelianenko looked impressive in his victory over Brett Rogers Saturday night.

I'm blind! I'm deaf! I wanna be an SEC Ref!

If I was an insensitive politically incorrect kind of guy, I'd say this who the SEC had in the replay booth for Alabama's win against LSU:But I'm not, so I won't....

Psycho T's "Wow" NBA debut

Tyler Hansbrough, former North Carolina Tar Heel superstar, finder of lost dogs, and overexuberant car spokesman, scored 13 points in his NBA debut as an Indiana Pacer.All there is to say about it...

Breeder's Cup Saturday

(Yep, it's pretty much an excuse to post this one up again...)

Could LeBron handle being Number Three (or worse) in New York?

LeBron James, the Cleveland man who made a Yankee cap more famous than either a Yankee or Jay-Z could, skipped out on the Yankees 27th World Series Victory Parade Friday.

Bully Beatdown host fight to stop bullying

A week or so ago I nominated a trio of Real World/Road Rules tools to get an attitude adjustment on MTV's Bully Beatdown show.

The Boise State PR firm jokes aren't fresh, or funny.

Two reactions I'm already sick of hearing after the news of Boise State's hiring a PR firm to help its BCS chances:1)Don Draper/Mad Men comments, which got old the first time I heard it.2)Comments...

Mark Richt Hubris Watch: Day 7

Embarrassing fact of the day: Tennessee Tech, Georgia's opponent this Saturday has both a better overall record (5-3) than the Dawgs Surrender Monkeys (4-4), and a better in-conference record (Ohio...

Tim Lincecum's off season has already gone to pot

Tim Lincecum's off season has only been about a month or so long and it's already gone to pot...literally.

Mark RIcht Hubris Watch: Day Six

What seems to be today's subject of contention about the state of Georgia football?