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Enough with the "I Told You So's"to Sam Bradford

It seems telling Sam Bradford "I told you so" has been in fashion since he originally injured his shoulder, and twice as much as when he re-injured it in the Red River Shootout against Texas.

SEC slaps Lane Kiffin's wrist...again.

Despite all his awkwardness when it comes to living by the byzantine rules of the NCAA, Kiffin is going to be a good-to excellent coach for the Tennessee.

Cleveland hurts itself with Benching Brady Quinn

Charles Robinson writes in his Winners and Losers column for Yahoo!

Are Georgia Tech students Zombies?

Every Day Should Be Saturday's mythical weekly magazine EDSBS The magazine just came out with it's latest "edition".

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT: Goldie Gopher

Hey there, Goldie Gopher!

Who's to blame for the ALCS rainout? The Yankees

After yesterday's rain-out of of Game 6 of the ALCS in New York you can expect to hear a lot of complaining about how messed up baseball is.

Medicine Man at Talladega seeks to foil curse

I'd probably find this next story more absurd if it weren't for the fact my fave M*A*S*H* episode may well be the one where with the Buddhist priestess running around exorcising the bad spirits from...

Just when you thought it was safe to go out this Halloween...

Just when you thought it was safe to go out this Halloween...Run for your lives!It's....BLACK LANTERN TED WILLIAMS!!!!Don't be fooled by his...

Saturday afternoon fail: "Hey Tim" with...guess who!

Get ready for the most bogus video on the internet yet A day in the life of a certain University of Florida student named Tim.

Carl Edwards flips over Duck Mobile

NASCAR racer Carl Edwards went on one of those Duck Tours in Miami where tourists ride in an amphibious vehicle from the street into the water as part of promoting the final Sprint Cup race of the...

Move the Jaguars to London? Hey, wait a minute...

David Whitley, writing for Fanhouse, has an interesting suggestion on what to do with the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars...move them to London, where the Patriots and the Buccaneers are playing this...

The NBA's Heart-Shaped Pool of Pain.

Break out the Joy Division.

Friday Night Freudian Nightmare: Vols fan vs. Bama Fans

It starts out as a jab at Alabama fans (notably Mr.

Drew Magary leads the internet in slamming NFL memes

There seems to be a meme for NFL analysts to declare that various NFL quarterbacks lead the lead the league in something other than actual statistical categories.