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Microsoft +Burger King+Japan=Mutant Whopper

Microsoft and Burger King are joining forces to produce an unique Whopper to celebrate the launch Windows 7 in Japan.

Minnesota is sorry for Goldie Gopher. Goldie Gopher is even sorrier

Remember Goldy Gopher, the Minnesota Golden Gophers mascot who thought it was funny to mock Penn State DE Jerome Hayes when he was praying?


Think you can do a better job with designing an Oregon Duck uniform than Nike?

UFC doens't take Fedor on CBS lying down.

This may be the least shocking counter-programming news of the day.

Fame reenactment breaks out during Phillies' fans celebration

Phillies fans are celebrating their team's return to the World Series.

Hold the pickle, hold the sunglasses

Here's Burger King's latest attempt to give it's customers Freudian nightmares (As if the Burger King himself wasn't enough):Honest to goodness Estrada sunglasses.For those who don't get the joke,...

How do you spell BCS? M-O-N-E-Y

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) wants President Obama to sic the Justice Department on the BCS, calling into question whether it violates anti-trust legislation.Look, let's just get down to what this...

Thanks, everybody

Yesterday, SWRT got it's 100th visitor since I added the counter.

Vikings, Childress working on new deal?

Brad Childress may be getting a new contract, at least according to NBC Sports.

NBA and Refs' union make a deal

It looks like the long national nightmare of the NBA referee lockout is over.

Hey runners: Wanna go ape in Denver?

Halloween will be marked in Denver by an attempt to break the world record for most people wearing in gorilla suits in the same place.

Mocking opposing team player's religious beliefs never a good idea

It seems Minnesota's furry mascot, something known as Goldie Gopher, decided it would be fun to mock Penn State DE Jerome Hayes while he was praying.Minnesota lost the game 20-0. I'm not saying, but...

Lane Kiffin back to being Lane Kiffin

It took a couple of weeks after Tennessee's dismantling of UGA, but Lane Kiffin finally has done something to remind everyone that yes, he's Lane Kiffin.

Duke was the kind of team that rooted for bad guys in the movies

The Duke basketball team has released their 2009-2010 team photo:To these guys, being a Duke Blue Devil was better than being President of the United States.Hey, it could be...

Broncos win, But socks are still losers

The Broncos are 6-0 after a Monday Night Football 34-23 win against the Chargers.