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Farvemageddon only hours away.

It's only a few hours away until the Packers face The Vikings and their old (in more ways than one) quarterback Brett Favre.

Does Tony Strewart like Burger King, or is he telling a big Whopper?

Tony Stewart won today's Price Chopper 400 at Kansas Speedway, which puts him back in contention for the Sprint Cup.

Eli Manning is a social deviant

Jerry Jones spends a billion dollars of his own money on a heathen temple football stadium for his own personal avarice the hardworking fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

Dang Sorry Dawgs!

Georgia players and fans can probably go ahead and make plans for New Year's celebrations, because football probably won't be a part of them.

How do I loathe thee, Joe Cox?

How do I loathe thee, Joe Cox?

Zombies Wear Jean Shorts?

The AP reports that the University of Florida has a plan online on how to deal with Zombie attacks.

The Road to Farveageddon

It's just a few more days before the Packers face Brett "Barney" Favre and the Vikings.

Two increasingly annoying things getting increasingly annoying together

Don't tell ABC and ESPN this, but Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews have recorded a song together.

One more "Yankee Bowl" thought

One more quick thought about the "Yankee Bowl".

Meaningless bowl game in NYC

The absurdity of college bowl games never seems to end.

More ex-celeb MMA hijinks

And another name to the growing list of people getting into MMA who absolutely don't belong in MMA.

Rothlesmania runs wild!

I thought the clip of Ric Flair scratch off lottery tickets was the facepalm moment of the day.

The saddest thing on the Internet right now

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. There's really no way to describe how sad this is. It just is:

Like father, like son? Think about it

Store this image for a future adult beverage commercial. At least the part with Junior in it.

Which came first, the commercial or the game?

Matt Ryan's new commercial for Gillette Fusion MVP.