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Bow-Tie Wearing 'Bama Fan Update

Remember Taylor Fortenberry, the preppie Alabama fan who got death threats for referring to Old Miss fans as "white trash"?

Who's laughing at Lane Kiffin now? No Mark Richt

Tennessee beat Georgia 45-19.I repeat, Tennessee beat Georgia 45-19.To put it another way: A team led by a coach who was the laughing stock of the offseason because of antics like throwing false...

Dawgs/Vols at Noon. Oh how the mighty have fallen

UGA is playing Tennessee Saturday at Noon.

Ga. Tech vs. UGA in 2011 Kickoff Game? Stupid idea

The alleged newspaper the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported yesterday of the possibility of the annual rivalry game between UGA and the Georgia Tech being played at the start of the 2011 season...

'Bama Fan calls Old Miss fans "White Trash". Stupidy ensues.

A bow tie wearing Crimson Tide fan named Taylor Fortenberry (at least that's what he says it is) made a video and posted it on YouTube about this Saturday's game between Alabama and Old Miss, where...

Why Humans are smarter than Space Aliens

If you believe the conspiracy spanks that appear on George Noory's late night freakfest, then you believe that space aliens have nothing better to do than come to Earth and make silly little designs...

The Terrible Truth About "Rocky Top"

This weekend will see the annual game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Tennessee Volunteers up in Knoxville.

Braves' try to "Name a Met" (allegedly). Does Jeff Francoeur ring a bell?

Deadspin posted this alleged attempt by the Atlanta Braves to have a little fun at the Mets:Uh, does the name "Jeff Francoeur" mean anything to Braves'...

Need a Halloween costume?

Looking for an Halloween costume?

This is what happens when you drink too much corn from a jar

Here's the latest lame attempt for publicity in Tennessee's "Eric Berry for Heisman" campaign:Everything lame I said about the GTG's  from Georgia Tech I (almost) take...

Farvemageddon post mortem

You're gonna hear a lot of talk today about Brett Favre and the Vikings' win over the Packers last night.

Farvemageddon only hours away.

It's only a few hours away until the Packers face The Vikings and their old (in more ways than one) quarterback Brett Favre.

Does Tony Strewart like Burger King, or is he telling a big Whopper?

Tony Stewart won today's Price Chopper 400 at Kansas Speedway, which puts him back in contention for the Sprint Cup.

Eli Manning is a social deviant

Jerry Jones spends a billion dollars of his own money on a heathen temple football stadium for his own personal avarice the hardworking fans of the Dallas Cowboys.