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And a Baseball Diamond Runs Through It, Part Deux

Another edition of Monday Night Football, another football field spoiled by the imprint of a baseball diamond.

Terry Pendleton for Braves' Manager? Heck No!

Mark Bradley, sports columnist for the alleged newspaper the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has put out a list of possible successors to Atlanta Braves' manager Bobby Cox should he step down at the end...

From the "This Isn't Going To End Well" Dept:.

Fanhouse reports Georgia Bulldog legend and former NFL player Herschel Walker is going to try his hands at MMA.

NFL: Three things we learned in Week Two

1. Jay Cutler has zero charisma.

Florida beats Tennessee 23-13. Loser: Georgia?

Everyone expecting Urban Meyer and the Gators to mutilate Lane Kiffin and the Vols had to be disappointed in the outcome of the game.

Colin Cowherd flip-flop watch

Colin Cowherd changes his mind like a girl changes clothes.

CBS tries it's hand at MMA again

Looks like CBS is trying to get back into the MMA game again with Strikeforce and FedorEmelianenko, according to Dave Meltzer.

It had to happen: Shirts With Random Triangles vs. Jim Mora Sr. vs. Jay Cutler

It's not surprising that it took several days for the Jim Mora Sr.-Jay Cutler dust-up to blow up in the media.

Friday Morning Fail:Guitar Hero for Commodore 64

Courtesy of your friends at Deadspin, this clip screams of futility.

USC likes to sing "Lean on Me", and ESPN likes to report on it.

Okay, okay,I get it, ESPN...the USC Trojans like to sing "Lean on Me".

Your What The...Moment for Thursday: My Little Pony

Just when you think you've heard and seen everything in geek culture someone turns over a rock and uncovers a whole new level of weird.

Memphis wants in the BCS: don't hold your breath

Credit must by given to the University of Memphis.

What? Georgia Tech again?

For the second week in a row, ESPN is shoving down out throats blessing us with another game featuring the North Avenue Trade School.

Draft Tebow: A new milestone in pathetic

The NFL season is barely a week and a half old and there's already a movement in Jacksonville to draft Tim Tebow next year.There's even a website dedicated to it. (Not much of one, and I didn't...


Bad news America: There's a chance Michigan's Tate Forcier is going to be on the college football scene for a while, and with him a gosh-awful almost limitless amount of puns and plays on his last...