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Joe Cox thinks you should just shut up

More proof that the Joe Cox era at UGA will not be a happy one.

Notre Dame:One virus leads to another

I tried to do a Google search on the on-field career of Tom Reynolds, the alledged former Notre Dame football player behind the now-removed billboard mocking ND Coach Charlie Weis.

Bad week for ex-college coaches in the NFL

It sucks if you're an ex-college head coach/current offensive coordinator in the NFL this week, because there is a good chance you'll soon be an ex-offensive coordinator.

Senator Schilling: Is the dream over before it already began?

Well, after yesterday's story that Former Boston Red Sox pitcher/bleeding sock conservative Curt Schilling might be eying the late Ted Kennedy's seat in the US Senate may be premature.

Senator Schilling? Isn't Senator Al Franken bad enough?

Y'know, this blog wasn't really intended to get into politics, but ....dangit, Curt Schilling!

Rodrigate continues.

It ain't getting better for Rich Rodriguez.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

Boy,do those Fightin' Irish alumni have a sense of humor!

Mid-week links. Some weaker than others.

And the most overrated event of the week goes too...Rafael Nadal's haircut!

The Ten Things I'm Dreading this College Football Season

1.The shoving down my throat that Tim Tebow is a greater person than you, me, Billy Graham, The Pope, The Dali Lama, Oprah, Donald Miller and Bono combined.2.The fact that Georgia will probably suck...

Time thinks Dazzler and Howard the Duck are rather odd.

Just in time (no pun intended) for the Disney $4 billion purchase of Marvel comes Time's list of the "Top Ten Oddest Marvel Characters".

Rubio ain't feeling Minnesota

Alleded Spanish basketball phenom Ricky Rubio has decided he'd rather play basketball in Barcelona than play for the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA.

Ex-celeberty goes MMA.

Cue the Dragon Dagger:Soon to be 36 year-0ld Mighty-Morphin Power Ranger star Jason David Frank (The original Green Power Ranger, who became the White Power Ranger who...oh, you get the picture) is...

$4,000 dollars of fail

Yahoo's Plugged In reports on a new $4,000 gaming system that's basically a home version of those multi-game consoles that you see sitting on bars across America.

What science is doing instead of making the world a better place: Most handsome quarterback ratings

Taking time out from around the clock Obama bashing, The Wall Street Journal reports on a scientific study on the most handsome quarterback in the NFL.