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Ex-celeberty goes MMA.

Cue the Dragon Dagger:Soon to be 36 year-0ld Mighty-Morphin Power Ranger star Jason David Frank (The original Green Power Ranger, who became the White Power Ranger who...oh, you get the picture) is...

$4,000 dollars of fail

Yahoo's Plugged In reports on a new $4,000 gaming system that's basically a home version of those multi-game consoles that you see sitting on bars across America.

What science is doing instead of making the world a better place: Most handsome quarterback ratings

Taking time out from around the clock Obama bashing, The Wall Street Journal reports on a scientific study on the most handsome quarterback in the NFL.

Anberlin covered "True Faith"? What the...

Nothing like a Christian rock band remaking an Eighties tune about ecstacy to start the month off.

Well if you're gonna go there

The Blue Workhorse's Shotgun Spratling has written the inevitable comparison of sports web sites to women.

Chicago White Flags?

Are the Chicago White FlagsSox throwing in the towel in the chase for playoffs already?

Disney to buy Marvel

Nothing like a nice little corporate merger to make your head explode at the start of the week.

Fall Preview: College Football

Continuing with the Fall preview, here are the four games SWRT are interested in this year at the moment.
Georgia @ Oklahoma St. (Sept.

Amazons Attack...Scott Boras?

Okay, only the comic book fans out there are going to get that joke.

Hiting the links

A few links to help jump start your week:The Orlando Sentinel shines a light on five QB's who aren't named Tebow, Bradford, or McCoy that could make some noise this season. The Dallas Morning News...

Turn me on Deadman

The website Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Warner Brothers is developing a film project featuring the cult DC Comics character Deadman.

2009 Fall Preview: Most Interesting NFL Match-ups.

The 2009 Fall Preview kicks off with the five NFL games SWRT finds to be the most interesting during the first ten weeks of the season.

Shirts Without Random Triangles Dept.: U of Memphis has a potty mouth

Every Day Should Be Saturday reports that this shirt pictured below is not some joke shirt produced by a Memphis frat house, but it is in reality an official shirt being sold by the official...

Random Fun and Games: Founder, Faulkner, or Dawg?

The games found on the Internet can be quite amusing at times, quite annoying at others.

I've got a little list: Anerica's most (redacted) Colleges

GQ magazine's September magazine features a list of the "America's 25 (redacted) Colleges". (If you really need to know what the redacted word is before you click on the link...well, it's a strong...