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Dawgageddon: A.J. Green suspended for four games

Georgia's wide reciever A.J. Green has been suspended by the NCAA for four games.

A.J. Green cleared?

Chuck Oliver, the "King of College Football" is reporting that Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green will be cleared by the NCAA tomorrow.

"From Athens: A.J. cleared

Thanks to ESPN, the Ole Miss/Admiral Ackbar meme jumps the shark.

How can you tell that a meme has jumped the shark? When ESPN does a promo based on it. Translation: The Ole Miss/Admiral Ackbar meme has jumped the shark.

This is what Barbara Dooley was wearing Saturday at the Vols' game. OUCH!

When I heard that Barbara Dooley went to son Derek Dooley's Tennessee debut in an orange and white outfit, I thought I could handle it.

Derek Dooley: Footage of His Hairness' headgear

Via knoxnews' YouTube, here's footage of Derek Dooley with what is now the most famous headgear in Tennessee.