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This is what Barbara Dooley was wearing Saturday at the Vols' game. OUCH!

When I heard that Barbara Dooley went to son Derek Dooley's Tennessee debut in an orange and white outfit, I thought I could handle it.

Derek Dooley: Footage of His Hairness' headgear

Via knoxnews' YouTube, here's footage of Derek Dooley with what is now the most famous headgear in Tennessee.

Your Monent of Tebowness: Should Tebow start for the Broncos in Week One? Is he "Already bigger" the

Could Tim Tebow be the starter for the Denver Broncos by Week One  of the 2010 NFL season?

Derek Dooley's headgear puts Vols' fans in a frenzy.

First Tennessee fans went crazy over Derek Dooley's hair.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: ESPN, Tennessee, LSU, and more.

ESPN's College Gameday  at Chick-Fil-A kickoff game. on September 4. North Carolina  in Atlanta will get to see if Lee Corso dons Ramses' head at the end of the show.

Is Georgia in the wrong division?

Team Speed Kills has some interesting analysis of SEC inter-division play.

Oh snap! Mike Leach is gonna be an analyst for CBS

Fired Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach is going to serve as an analyst for CBS College Sports this upcoming college football season.

Big Tentacles: Ohio St. vs. Colorado? Where is Brandon Wegher? And more

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big 10 and the teams it not-so-secretly covets.)   Buckeyes vs. Buffaloes? Ohio State reportedly negotiating  a deal to play Colorado in...

Ricky Stanzi talks about Iowa's "Quarterback Club" (kind of)

Iowa's Ricky Stanzi aka "America's Quarterback", talks with the media about how he and the other Iowa QB's get along. Black Heart Gold Pants already made the obvious Fight Club reference, so it...