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Florida recruit Chris Martin compared to The Great Khali. Is this a good thing?

Alligator Army compared  Chris Martin, an outside linebacker  who just transferred to Florida from California , to the WWE's The Great Khali.

What Passes for Life: Mark Cuban, Old Spice Guy

(What Passes for Life is SWRT's collection of sports and non sports related links and hi-jinks.)   Will the Rangers go Cuban? Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban given approval to bid on...

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Robbie Caldwell, NCAA investigation, Mark Richt on Bobby Bowden and more

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC and ACC news)   Robbie Caldwell steals SEC Media Days.  Reflections on working on a turkey farm inseminating turkeys have...

The latest on the growing SEC/ACC football pimps agents investigation.

The NCAA probe at UNC is "agent related." - "No One Safe from  NCAA Scrutiny" - ( Media not allowed to ask Mark Richt about allegations of A.J. Green having contact with...

Is playing Boise State a no-win situation for Virginia Tech?

Gobbler Country, a Virginia Tech blog, has asked the question "Is Playing Boise State Still a Lose-Lose Proposition?" The answer is "yes," probably in more ways than one. Boise State, being from a...

Derek Dooley's computer Playmobil avatar looks nothing like His Hairness

The genius behind "The Lane Kiffin Show" on YouTube has come back with the Derek Dooley version, conviently called "The Derek Dooley Show." Subject for the first episode?

Shirts Without Random Triangles: LeBron Falcon Punches Cleveland (or worse)

Obviously Lebron James' "Decision" to bolt for Miami has resulted in more t-shirt ideas than could possibly be featured here.

Your Moment of Tebowness: What the regular version of Tebow's Nike shoe looks like

(Your Moment of Tebowness is SWRT's recurring feature on the cultural phenomenon that is His Tebowness.

Pimpin' with Mark Richt

Need carpet? Mark Richt and his wife Katharyn "The Watergirl" Richt can point you where to go.

Derek Dooley joins past Tennessee coaches on Vols' home game tickets

Derek Dooley may not have his image immortalized  upon the edifice of  the refurbished Neyland Stadium next to that of General Robert Neyland yet, but he does join the General on the...

Kyle Parker to return to Clemson for the fall

The Clemson Insider is reporting that Kyle Parker will be returning to Clemson this fall to play football.

What Passes for Life: MLB, childhood obesity, Wyatt Earp,

Major League Baseball joins First Lady Michelle Obama's fight childhood obesity.

ESPN: It's not crazy, it's irresponsible

The latest in ESPN's "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" commercials features NASCAR haulers for rivals Carl Edwards and  Brad Keselowski getting involved in a little bit of non-sanctioned racing....