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The Golddomedammerung: The fallout from the "We Are Notre Dame" video continues.

Notre Dame is apparently getting around to finding out who was responsible for that debacle of a music video.

Kobe Bryant proves once again that athlete's and photo shoots don't mix

The LA Times Magazine got a chance to do an article and photo shoot with Kobe Bryant.

FedEx is an ex-Orange Bowl sponsor.

The Orange Bowl is absolutely positively looking for a new corporate sponsor.

What Passes for Life: Sunday links and hi-jinks

Least Shocking News of the Day: LeBron James named NBA MVP. (Yahoo!

McDaniels and Tebow sittin' in a tree...

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post isn't shy about how he describes the relationship between Denver Broncos' head coach Josh McDaniels and number one draft pick Tim Tebow.

Pittsburgh Marathon diverted by...a pasta bomb?

A portion of the Pittsburgh Marathon was diverted Sunday when a suspicious package was discovered near the finish line.

The disturbing Kyle Singler news item of the day

Here's the latest on Duke's most disturbing player, Kyle Singler.

I'll go with "Places I Don't Want to See My Team's Starting QB," Alex: Jay Cutler at the Playboy Clu

Memo to Jay Cutler: What happens in Vegas, shows up on the internet.

Ole Miss goes Bollywood

Sooner or later it had to happen.

What Passes for Life: May Day hi-jinks

Happy May Day, you dirty commies!

Postcards From the Edge: Washington Huskies pimp Jake Locker

How is the best way to get sportswriters to pay attention to your quarterback?

Lane Kiffin is now inspiring...Bible Studies?

(Cue the Carolina Liar)

Ah, Tennessee, you remain a fount of subject matter when it comes to Lane Kiffin.

Coack K watch: Krzyzewski spotted in South Dakota?

There's been a Mike Krzyzewski sighting in South Dakota.

Did Time magazine punk UFC's Dana White?

Steve Cofield at Cagewriter has a bone to pick with Time.