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What Passes for Life: Laser show edition.

Oh, don't act so surprised at this: Someone made a Dustin Pedroia laser show gif: Photobucket" border="0"> (Out of Bounds, Who'd win in a fight between Miss Piggy and the Smoke...

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Friday SEC/ACC news

Congrats to David Pollack: The Georgia legend's daughter, Leah Heather Pollack came into the world today. (David Pollack's Twitter)


Somehow this makes sense: Tim Tebow, Twilight, and the Mayan Apocalypse

Some kid decided to post a YouTube clip rambling on about Tim Tebow and Twilight.

Dustin Pedrioa wants to take you to the laser show

Here's Dustin Pedroia giving support to his Red Sox teammate David Ortiz, who's been in a slump since...well, since ever.

Alexander Ovechkin had a little lamb...

They said it couldn't be done, but here it is: A photo with an athlete and a farm animal more embarrassing than the one with Tom Brady and that goat.

What Passes for Life: Tequila Sunrise edition

(Note: I was tempted to use an image of Tia Tequila.

Shirts Without Random Triangles: It's always a dummy in Philadelphia edition

Yep, they're already selling t-shirts about the tasings at Citizen's Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia, as this badly filmed YouTube clip can attest. (Sombrero not included)In case you didn't get it the...

Yankees top most overrated list.

ESPN the Magazine took a poll of MLB players during spring training.

Wanted: Opponent for Alabama in 2012

What will Alabama do now that Georgia Tech is off the radar in 2012?

"Sexy" Lane Kiffin makes it to Esquire's Sweet Sixteen

Round Two in Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive Madness" tournament is over.

WAR LAMENESS!!! Auburn throws a flashmob too

And from the "Everybody's doing it so why can't we?" Dept.: Auburn students held their own flashmob event last night at the Ralph Brown Draughon Library.

For sale: Chase Utley's skivvies. Slightly used.

Time for the "ewwwwww!" story of the day.

Dawgageddon: Look out, Louisville, Zach Mettenberger may be coming to town

Zach Mettenberger has pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery, sentenced to twelve months probation and banned from entering the Valdosta city limits for a year.

What Passes for Life: Cinco de Mayo edition

- The Future Pride of Happy Valley: Steve Consalvi, the teenager tased after running onto the field at the Phillies game Monday night, is described by his father "a real good student, heading to Penn...