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Jimbo Fisher wants FSU to play Florida in...Atlanta?

You have to admit that newly minted FSU head football coach Jimbo Fisher isn't willing to let tradition stand in the way of how things are done in Tallahassee.

Big East not going down without a fight, brings on Paul Tagliabue

All signs seen to point to a Big 10 raid on the Big East.

Expansion talk is "Hot and Cold"

Expansion talk is beginning to resemble a Katy Perry song.

Shaq wishes he had Jessie's Girl

You'd think that with the NBA Playoffs going on Shaquille O'Neal wouldn't have a lot of time on his hands.

Iowa blog blames Icelandic volcano on...Hockeybear?

You know that annoying volcanic eruption in Iceland that's messing up air travel to Europe with its hideous cloud of volcanic ash?

Boise State: The old blue turf it ain't what it used to be

The SEC (and the world) should be lucky that the "LSU installing purple turf in Tiger Stadium" story was an April Fools joke.

Random Triangle Time Machine: Sing along with Terry Bradshaw

Want to know what Terry Bradshaw's reported upcoming one-man show in Las Vegas might be like?

Tebow Victory Tour hits Lipscomb University

Tim Tebow spoke at Nashville's Lipscomb university on April 17.

Dawgageddon: More on Mettenberger

Some more details of Zach Mettenberger's dismissal from the Georgia Bulldogs football team are coming out.

Big 10 expansion talk may be gaining momentium

The talk of the Big 10 expanding past it's current 11 teams may be gaining some momentum.

Dawgageddon: Mettenberger handed his walking papers

Scratch one quarterback controversy off Mark Richt's back.

BYU athletes withdraw for honor code violations.

BYU running back Harvey Unga (pictured) has withdrawn from school.

Shirts Without Random Triangles: Tapout presents your "America: love it or leave it" moment of the d

Below are the Tapout designed t-shirts that respective MMA fighters Jake Shields and Dan Henderson (pictured wearing his) will apparently be wearing in their middleweight bout on tonight's...

Suh's heart is in the right place, but are his priorties screwed?

Ndamukong Suh is one of the most awesome defensive tackles over to come out of Nebraska.