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Yankee and Red Sox players in a commercial ? Are cats and dogs living together next?

It's an act that is probably only permissible due to the involvement of ESPN.

More reasons to hate Duke: Dad names son after Christian Laettner

It's one of those things that could only happen during March Madness.

For sale: Golden State Warriors, slightly used

Want to buy a an NBA franchise, and you have about $315 million?

Clausen and Tebow not on Browns' radar?

Don't expect Jimmy Clausen or Tim Tebow to be wearing a Browns jersey next season.

Your "Sexy" Lane Kiffin update

It does seem that Lane Kiffin is easily going to beat Natalie Grubbs in the first round of Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Madness tournament.

Expect Tiger Woods to talk a lot, say little in ESPN interview

The Associated Press is reporting that ESPN will air an interview with Tiger Woods tonight at 7:00 P.M. Eastern.

The other obvious Kansas joke...

Yeah, I had to go there.

Kansas gives illustrative descripton of your brackets after today

The band, that is. Not the basketball team.

The Gaels of St. Mary's ah, hear they are calling...

It's like Christmas in March for St.

Dragging Lane Kiffin's name through the mud again

It's the moment you've been waiting for: The (almost) daily update on how Lane Kiffin's doing in Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive Madness" tournament.

Oregon AD runs away from the circus

As if things at Oregon weren't bad enough, the school is looking for a new athletic director.

Ryan Mallett reacts to "scooter video"

What did Ryan Mallett think of LSU Freek's video where music was added to a clip of Mallett making his way on the Arkansas Kansas with his injured foot resting on some sort of four-wheeled...

Is Tom Brady pulling a Favre? He's not working out with the Pats

Don't be alarmed, but Tom Brady still hasn't shown up for the Patriots' voluntary offseason workout program in Foxboro.

Dawgageddon:UGA clamps down on tailgating fun and carnage

University of Georgia President EvilMichael Adams was not happy with the untidiness of some Georgia tailgaters in Athens last year.

Are the Oregon Ducks the new Insane Clown Posse?

Someone apparently has had enough of the shenanigans of some players of the Oregon Ducks' football team.