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More proof that the Pittsburgh Pirates aren't even trying

The following is apparently a promo that the Pittsburgh Pirates are showing between innings at PNC Park.It would be nice to say that at least the Pirates were trying, but they're...

Deadspin to Geno Auriemma : Man Up!

If everything goes as expected, Geno Auriemma and the U-Conn Huskies will clinch their second NCAA women's basketball tournament in a row, complete with a second unbeaten season.

Jimmy Clausen makes an underwhelming CGI character

ESPN The Magazine has teamed up with the makers of Avatar to transform Jimmy Clausen into a Na'vi.This will be the on back cover of ESPN The Magazine's 2010 NFL draft preview issue, which apparently...

The Bad Guys Win (aka More reasons to hate Duke)

And now your NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Champions

"Duke was the kind of team that rooted for the bad guys in the movies"

Tebow goes SWOOSH! Signs deal with Nike

Nike has signed Tim Tebow to a $300,000 endorsement contract.

The Nets want Coach K?

Al Iannazzone of The Record is reporting that the New Jersey Nets want to lure Duke head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski to the NBA.

Steven Tyler sings not-good rendition of "God Bless America"

Steven Tyler performed "God Bless America" in Fenway Park for the 2010 Opening Day game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

The Easter Bunny brought the Gus Johnson Soundboard back!

I hope you have a Happy Easter, and that the Easter Bunny/Beagle remembers to shower you with Chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Creme Eggs.
In the meantime, I have good news.

Random Triangle Time Machine: In 1986, the Kansas City Royals still mattered.

Via the crew over at Walkoff Walk, here's a Sports Illustrated commercial featuring Kansas City Royal's relief pitcher Dan Quisenberry from 1986.

Tim Lincecum bobbleheads now without human hair

Remember the story Thursday that The San Francisco Giants were going to give out Tim Lincecum bobbleheads, and that six of them would have real human hair?

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! Sympathy for the Duke Blue Devil

Please allow me to introduce myselfI'm a mascot of wealth and tasteI've been around for since 1923Stole many a March Madness dreams awayAnd I was 'round when KentuckyHad their moment of doubt and...

Ricky Stanzi vs. Joe Paterno with the fate of the Free World at stake (or something like that)

Black Heart Gold Pants' "Marchinfornication" tournament has almost reached its absurd conclusion.

Unfunny April Fools Jokes: Jerry Jones raises the Titanic

Then there was the one where Jerry Jones planned to raise a chunk of the Titanic to display in The Heathen Temple to His Own Avarice Cowboys Stadium.Seriously, Does anybody think raising the Titanic...