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Who is Archie Manning rooting for? Who cares.

It's the dumbest storyline coming out of Super Bowl XLIV, so Dan Wetzel obviously had to do a column about it.

Will Super Bowl XLIV be The End of the World?

Forget about the Mayan Calendar and the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

Stupidest Farve-related speculation of the day: Vick replacing Favre at Vikings

The Annual Brett Favre Retirement Two-Step isn't even twenty-four hours old, and the sports mediots are already acting silly.

Will Saints/Colts Super Bowl end up being Katrina/Haiti?

I hate to say it, but expect Super Bowl coverage to take a Hurricane Katrina vs.

Bobby Knight needs a makeover

It's seriously time for Bobby Knight (left) to retire the sweater.

Urban Meyer coaching spring football practice. Don't look so surprised

Least shocking news of the day: Urban Meyer will be coaching Florida spring football practice.

What would a Kiffin and Dooley crossing paths look like?

Ever wondered what a Lane Kiffin-Derek Dooley meet-up might look like?

Tim Tebow Victory Tour for Fun and Profit is Off and Running

He hasn't been a graduate of Florida for even a month, and what does Tim Tebow do?

Prince gives America another reason to hate the Vikings

His name was Prince, and he was funky.

Michigan State fans go Sparta over hew logo

Leave it to Nike to try to fix something that probably didn't need fixing in the first place.

Jim Boulton calls out home run hitters

Jim Boulton (picture), major league pitcher and author of the infamous tell-all book Ball Four, has a bone to pick with modern-day home run hitters.

Ruffin McNeil to replace Skip Holtz at ECU? Insert irony here

It looks like Ruffin McNeil has landed on his feet.

It had to happen: Elvis goes after Lane Kiffin from the grave

Just when you thought you've seen every kind of anti-Lane kiffin music video imaginable, Elvis has to send a message from the great beyond on his views on the subject:The only amazing part about this...

Knoxville attorney wastes $262.00 in the name of Lane Kiffin

(Cue the Carolina Liar)While some Tennessee fans are trying to make Lane Kiffin's car crash into something worse than Chappaquiddick, other are finding more creative ways to show their...

When cultural phenomena collide: Tim Tebow and American Idol?

It's stories like this that even make a blogger who thought he'd heard everything this past six months to go "Oh snap!" Janell Wheeler (pictured, right next to you-know-who), who may or may not have...