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Saturday afternoon fail: "Hey Tim" with...guess who!

Get ready for the most bogus video on the internet yet A day in the life of a certain University of Florida student named Tim.

Carl Edwards flips over Duck Mobile

NASCAR racer Carl Edwards went on one of those Duck Tours in Miami where tourists ride in an amphibious vehicle from the street into the water as part of promoting the final Sprint Cup race of the...

Move the Jaguars to London? Hey, wait a minute...

David Whitley, writing for Fanhouse, has an interesting suggestion on what to do with the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars...move them to London, where the Patriots and the Buccaneers are playing this...

The NBA's Heart-Shaped Pool of Pain.

Break out the Joy Division.

Friday Night Freudian Nightmare: Vols fan vs. Bama Fans

It starts out as a jab at Alabama fans (notably Mr.

Drew Magary leads the internet in slamming NFL memes

There seems to be a meme for NFL analysts to declare that various NFL quarterbacks lead the lead the league in something other than actual statistical categories.

Pats-Bucs play in London. Does anybody care?

The Sporting Blog has a couple of articles on the this Sunday's match-up between The New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over in London.

FOX hires Ozzie Guillen. Oh snap! reports FOX Sports has hired Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen for it's World Series coverage.

Microsoft +Burger King+Japan=Mutant Whopper

Microsoft and Burger King are joining forces to produce an unique Whopper to celebrate the launch Windows 7 in Japan.

Minnesota is sorry for Goldie Gopher. Goldie Gopher is even sorrier

Remember Goldy Gopher, the Minnesota Golden Gophers mascot who thought it was funny to mock Penn State DE Jerome Hayes when he was praying?


Think you can do a better job with designing an Oregon Duck uniform than Nike?

UFC doens't take Fedor on CBS lying down.

This may be the least shocking counter-programming news of the day.

Fame reenactment breaks out during Phillies' fans celebration

Phillies fans are celebrating their team's return to the World Series.

Hold the pickle, hold the sunglasses

Here's Burger King's latest attempt to give it's customers Freudian nightmares (As if the Burger King himself wasn't enough):Honest to goodness Estrada sunglasses.For those who don't get the joke,...