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Clemson athletic department reports 17 secondary violations

File this under "this shouldn't surprise me, but it still does" dept.

Jerry Jones at the Winter Olympics. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Jerry Jones was seen last night in Vancouver watching the men's figure skating at the Winter Olympics.

Colonel Reb replaced by ...Admiral Ackbar?

Ole Miss students will be voting next week to decide if they want a new mascot as a replacement for Colonel Reb.

Terence More has issues with MVPuppets

Terence Moore thinks Nike's "MVPuppets" of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James demean African-Americans.

Steve Nash shows he's the least successful commercial spokesman in the world

Valerie Shea of Stalking Steve Philips claims that the following Vitaminwater commercial featuring Steve Nash "is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!" Shea really needs to get out more,...

Vonn wins gold. Screw NBC

Lindsey Vonn has won the gold medal in the Olympic downhill competition at the 2010 Olympics.

More reasons to hate Canada: "Canadian Hockey Team" gives a shout out to the World

A couple of Canadian blogs, Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown put together a friendly little clip about the Canadian Olympic Hockey team.

Yet another anti-Lane Kiffin rap song

It's been over a month, but it seems a few Vols fans are still not over Lane Kiffin.

Clemson to SEC? Conference expansion speculation silliness continues.

It figures that with all the Big 10/Pac-10 expansion talk/speculation/silliness that somebody would have to go and start talking about SEC expansion.

Todays hot Big 10 candidate: Nebraska

Now that the Texas to the Big 10 talk is pretty much toast, something had to replace it.


Don't let the baseball diamond fool you.

Daytona 500 comes to a screeching halt due to pothole.

You know it's going to be a long season for NASCAR when the premiere event of the year is halted because of a pothole.

Shaq throws a hissy fit over Dwight Howard's "Superman" schitck

Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard are having a bit of a hissy fit competition over which of them is the "real" Superman of the NBA.

Not so fast on Texas in the Big 10

The talk about Texas joining the Big 10 might just be talk.