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[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! Herky the Hawk

Is there anything more pathetic than a mascot dressed up as a football player?

Griffin vs. Bonnar: Sporting Event of the Decade?

MMA has declared the first Ultimate Fighter Finale fight between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar as the Fight of the Decade.

And if you think Braves' fans hate the Vazquez-Cabrera deal...

Wait till you hear what some Yankee fans think of it.

(via IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAIR, IT IS...caught)

It's the Hot Stove League, Frank Wren. And all you get is a rock.

There's a phrase that goes through my head this time of year when the Braves are working the Hot Stove League: "All I got was a rock."That's what Charlie Brown said in It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie...

It had to happen: The NFL on FOX robot gets his own action figure.

We live in a world where every obscure Star Wars character with at least five seconds of screen time gets an action figure.

Tebow has something else Matthew Stafford doesn't

I guess we can add something else to the list of things Tim Tebow has that Matthew Stafford doesn't. Tim Tebow graduated from Florida this weekend, with a degree in family, youth and community...

ESPN columnist's argument against Big Ten expansion empty of facts

Memo to ESPN online columnists: Can you please cut back on the mindless cultural psychobabble impersonating a rational argument?Sunday gave America two pieces of sociological gobbledygook from...

Nike's MVPuppets deck the halls with boughs of lameness

Nike delivered its latest package of lameness from the MVPuppets this weekend.

The NFL wants...BRAINS!!!

The AP is reporting that the NFL is asking players to donate their brains to science.

The SEC is "The Yankees of the college game?" Them's fightin' words.

Leave it to ESPN to start the week off with a bad analogy for the SEC.

Tim Cowlishaw gives praise to Jerry Jones' Heathen Temple

You would think that Around the Horn panelist and BCS Tool Tim Cowlishaw would take time in his column to gloat over Dallas crushing New Orleans' dreams of perfection.

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT! The Ramblin' Wreck

Ah, the Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech.

Julio Jones rap video reveals sorry state of rap music in Alabama

You know that youe state's music industry is in sad shape when the best rapper is a blonde white girl.Look, not every place in the Dirty South can be The ATL, but...