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Should the Big Ten look at Navy as 12th member?

Dan Shanoff of The Sporting Blog gives his suggestion of which school should join the Big 10: Navy.

Rick Reilly uses closed captioning as excuse to consume adult beverages

In a sad, admitted excuse t0 get plastered, Rick Reilly sat in a bar looking for closed captioning flubs on the TV.

"Here comes Frenchie Claus, Here comes Frenchie Claus..."

Don't be fooled by that man in the red suit.

Jason Garrett might not have the job security he thiks he does in Dallas

It's been a(nother) long December for the Dallas Cowboys.

Someone in Kansas already wants Turner Gill gone

Turner Gill hasn't been on the job at Kansas' head football coach a full day yet and there's already a Fire Turner Gill site up.Who would this site rather have as coach?"JIM HARBAUGH, Tommy...

"The U"...The gif,er gift that keeps on giving

It already appears that ESPN's 30 on 30 presentation The U is already making it's mark on the pop culture.

Surprise! Jay Mariotti overreacts in Tiger drama.

Here's the least shocking event to come out of Tigergate: Jay Mariotti is overreacting.

The Golddomedammerung: The Whitewash begins

Brian Kelly has barely been coach at Notre Dame for a couple of days and already the spin doctors are busily revising history to put Kelly in a better light.

What would a twelve team Big 10 look like?

With the talk of the Big 10 possibly looking for a twelfth member there is a big question that needs to be answered.

The Big 10 ready to (gasp!) evolve?

The Big 10 (Plus 1) may finally be ready to enter the 20th 21st century.

Romo back holding the ball for kicker? This won't end well.

Dallas Cowboys' kicker Nick Folk has had enough of Mat McBriar holding the ball.