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The UFL thinks its Daniel Snyder

Apparently the UFL went to the Daniel Snyder School of Fan Relations.

This is (allegegly) one of the signs Daniel Snyder doesn't like

If Daniel Snyder has a problem with a sign like this, then I hope the Redskins never win a Super Bowl while he owns the team.

Kyle Busch tops for NASCAR trick-or-Treaters

Apparently Kyle Busch is more popular than anyone thought.

Time for a Real World/Road Rules Bully Beatdown

Real World/Road Rules: The Ruins is really starting to hit its stride.

Gophergate continues to curse Minnesota?

Things are starting to go downhill real fast at Minnesota since their mascot, Goldie Gopher decided to poke fun at praying Penn State DE Jerome Hayes.

Jay Cutler's like would suck without Kelly Clarkson

Here's another reason Bears' fans should be proud of Jay Cutler.


Celebrity guest general managers on RAW have to be the lamest idea the Vince McMahon ever came up with.

Jay Mariotti proves my point

I told you this would happen.

Are the Boston Celtics xenophobic?

Interbasket.Net has come out with a list of the Most Xenophobic NBA Teams.

Enough with the "I Told You So's"to Sam Bradford

It seems telling Sam Bradford "I told you so" has been in fashion since he originally injured his shoulder, and twice as much as when he re-injured it in the Red River Shootout against Texas.

SEC slaps Lane Kiffin's wrist...again.

Despite all his awkwardness when it comes to living by the byzantine rules of the NCAA, Kiffin is going to be a good-to excellent coach for the Tennessee.

Cleveland hurts itself with Benching Brady Quinn

Charles Robinson writes in his Winners and Losers column for Yahoo!

Are Georgia Tech students Zombies?

Every Day Should Be Saturday's mythical weekly magazine EDSBS The magazine just came out with it's latest "edition".

[BLEEP] YOU, MASCOT: Goldie Gopher

Hey there, Goldie Gopher!