Sunday, February 7, 2016 • Midnight Edition • "Shit happens here."

This is what Barbara Dooley was wearing Saturday at the Vols' game. OUCH!

Written by Wright Blan and Frank Miller on Tuesday, September 07 2010 and posted in SWRT
When I heard that Barbara Dooley went to son Derek Dooley's Tennessee debut in an orange and white outfit, I thought I could handle it. Derek is her son, and if wearing the shade of orange only less offensive than that of Florida and Alabama Polytechnic's Auburn's , so be it. Then I saw the pics of her and Vince at His Hairness' first post-game press conference.

AHHHHH! THE PAIN! (Rushes to kitchen to stick forks in eyes.)
This is Dr. Evil Michael Adams' fault! I know it is somehow! At least she didn't bring out the orange feather boa as an accessory.
His Hairness, meanwhile, was a little more conservatively dressed for the Vol Walk.

Lane Kiffin wishes he could look as sharp as that. He did switch into a more casual look for the game, however.

Not bad. I kind of wished Dooley had worn his hat to the game though. But check out that fugly orange and white checkered belt Peyton Manning is wearing. The only work I can think of to say is...Dude.
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