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Hide your kids, hide your wife. There's an underwear bandit at Ole Miss.

image As if losing to Jacksonville State and having students way too obsessed with a Star Wars character wasn't bad enough, Ole Miss may have a more serious problem on campus. The university reportedly has an underwear thief on the campus.
"Between June 5 and Sept. 5, Oxford police have dealt with a dozen break-ins where a suspect -- the same person, police believe -- has entered young women's homes, stealing only their underwear -- ignoring jewelry, electronics and other valuables"

He's climbing in the windows at Ole Miss and snatching ladies' underpants. There's a Jeremiah Masoli joke around here somewhere, but I'm not going to be the one who touches it. 

(via, The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN), Inside Higher Ed, EDSBS)



Authors: Wright Blan


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