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Mike Leach banned from Texas high school for pullling recruit's scholarship offer.

Written by The Nacireman on Wednesday, January 23 2013 and posted in SWRT
Mike Leach banned from Texas high school for pullling recruit's scholarship offer.

Texas high school senior defensive back Myron Turner of DeSoto High School was fully committed to Washington State. He never once went to check out other colleges like other recruits are known to do. Then he got the news that the Huskies' head football coach, Mike Leach, had decided to pull Turner's scholarship offer and give it to another recruit. This left Turner holding the bag two weeks out from National Signing Day without an offer from another FBS school.

Turner's coach, Claude Mathis wasn't too happy about this. So much so that he's banned Leach from the DeSoto High campus.

“You just don’t do a kid like that,” Mathis said. “Washington State isn’t welcome at DeSoto any longer.”

Mathis said he understood that pulling offers happens, but that switch shouldn’t occur two weeks away from National Signing Day (Feb. 6), especially when Turner had been steadfast in his commitment and so few other FBS options were still on the table. What made Mathis even more unhappy was that Leach took a visit to DeSoto last week, sitting in Mathis’ office and not once mentioning that Turner’s offer might be at risk.

“He didn’t say a thing,” Mathis said.

Leach still has a lot of supporters in Texas. Most of which seen nothing wrong with stuffing Craig James' son in an electrical shed.  If he continues to do things like this, however, he might just start losing that support.

(via The Dallas Morning News)

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