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Michigan cowboy boots? Michigan cowboy boots.

Michigan cowboy boots? Michigan cowboy boots.

Here's your touch of surrealism of the day - Michigan cowboy boots. Forgive me If I don't think of Michigan when it comes to things either country or cowboy. Look, I know Lefty Frizzell was born in Saginaw, Michigan, but I connect the Wolverine State more with automotive factories, Motown, Bob Seger and Iggy Pop.

That said, The Detroit Free Press ran a short little story on this pair of cowboy emblazoned with the Michigan Block M. Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke reportedly owns a pair of these books, and has willingly worn them in public. These are put out by a company called Gameday Boots, and they sell for $399.99.

Gameday Boots also makes cowboy boots for a number of college fans. Sadly, there's not a Ohio State model, which is just as well because I can't imagine Buckeye HC Urban Meyer in a pair of cowboy boots anyway.

(via The Detroit Free Press)

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