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A.J. McCarron on Johnny Manziel, Katereine Webb, and his tattoos.

Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron was interviewed by Dan Patrick on Thursday morning. He discussed about everything you would want McCarron to talk about: returning to Alabama next season, his relationship with Texas A&M starting QB Johnny Manziel,  girlfriend Katherine Webb, and his fondness for tattoos.

Among the highlights: 

McCarron said that his main reason for returning for his senior season the chance to play with younger brother, Corey, a sophomore who redshirted in 2012 after transferring from South Alabama.

"I felt like it was our last opportunity to have that chance, so I wanted to kind of do that before I left college."

On his relationship with Manziel, the quarterback who smashed Alabama's chances to go undefeated in 2012, and almost ended the Tide's hopes for a BCS Title.

"We text a lot," McCarron said. "He's got a lot thrown at him, so I can understand."

On Katherine Webb's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue pictures.

"The good thing is when people are looking at it, they know whose girl it is because she does have my jersey on in half of them," McCarron said. "It just kind of reminded everybody that she's already taken, so it's fine with me."

On those tattoos of his, including a some new work on his arms.

 "I think tattoos are just misinterpreted a lot because everybody thinks if you get tattoos then you're crazy and in a biker gang or something," McCarron said. "It's just a way to express yourself."


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