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Could Bev Kearney discrimination suit slam Texas?

Could Bev Kearney discrimination suit slam Texas?
Former Texas women's track and field coach Bev Kearney.

Are Bevo droppings about to hit the fan at Texas? There were rumors over the weekend of something big and nasty going down at Texas, apparently as fallout from a discrimination lawsuit brought by former Longhorn women's track and field coach Bev Kearney. The gist of the issue is that Kearney was forced to resign over an alledged improper relationship with a student-athlete in her program. Yes, the student was female as well.

Meanwhile. Texas has allowed now-Longhorn OC Major Applewhite to remain with the program, despite admitting to an relationship with a Texas student in 2009.

See where the alleged discrimination comes in? A female African-American gets fired for an improper same-sex relationship with a student. Meanwhile, a white assistant football coach who has an improper relationship with a student of the opposite sex, doesn't.

Burnt Orange Nation has a better explanation of events, and the implications for the Texas athletic department. Just know things could get nasty very fast.

(via Burnt Orange Nation)

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