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Nick Saban responds to Bob Stoops' comments about the SEC, proceeds to own Stoops.

Written by Juan Cena on Friday, May 10 2013 and posted in SWRT
It was bound to happen. Somebody asked Alabama head football coach Nick Saban about Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops'comments about the SEC. Needless to say, it was exactly what you expected it to be.

Oh snap. Saban just went Jay-Z on Stoops. That would've been enough to provide Saban's proof of ownership of Stoops, but then Saban took it a step further.

Of course all Saban really had to do was bring up how the Saban-coached LSU kicked the Stoops-coached Sooners's butts in 2004 for the BCS title. But Stoops already knew that, didn't he?

(via Gamedayr)

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