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What is behind Northwestern's success at recruiting?

Written by Juan Cena on Tuesday, May 21 2013 and posted in SWRT
Morrissey was right when he sang "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful." Of course, we hate it more when our rivals or enemies become even more successful. That's the case as Tom Fornelli of the Illinois blog The Champaign Room, whom apparently is more than a little envious of the Fighting Illini's in-state rival Northwestern's recruiting success this offseason. That's probably on top of any jealousy created the Wildcat's rise to prominence under head football coach Pat Fitzgerald.

So what's an Illinois fan to do? Accuse Northwestern of going the "Cam Newton" route, of course.

What is behind Northwestern's success at recruiting?

Oh, how so delightfully Mississippi State of Fornelli. Accusing a man of such high standards and integrity as Pat Fitzgerald of stooping to the level of paying recruits to come to a lonely outpost in the Big Ten. Of course Fitz didn't pay them. Whether or not he used his black magic, however...

Of course, if there is a Northwestern bagman, we all know who the number one suspect is:

What is behind Northwestern's success at recruiting?

I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin'.

(via The Champaign Room)

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