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Today is the most overrated day in Johnny Manziel's life.

Today is the most overrated day in Johnny Manziel's life.

Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel is supposed to speak to the media today at SEC Media days. The press conference has quickly done the impossible in overshadowing the rest of SEC Media days. It's expected that Manziel will be grilled over his early departure from the Manning Passing Academy camp over the weekend, his pleading guilty a charge related to the 2012 fight that first garnered him national attention, and everything not related anything he has or will do on the field.

The press conference certainly couldn't come at a worse point in Manziel's brief college football career. The media has piled on him like piranhas going into a feeding frenzy over a hamburger, which in itself has been garnering criticism for its alternating levels of self righteousness and hypocrisy.

If you're expecting fireworks today though, don't. Manziel may admit to "reckless behavior" at the Manning Academy (which he might as well, as there are photos on the web of his Friday night before he left camp), but don't expect him to either cry at the podium or explode in a rage of frustration.

Don't expect this to be a defining moment in Johnny Manziel's life. Most of those are going to happen on the field. If anything, this will be a blip on the landscape of Manziel's life.

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