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Michael Wilbon wore a Northwestern jersey to the Northwestern-Cal game.

The age-old argument about whether men should wear the jerseys of the teams they support reared its ugly head again at the Northwestern-Cal game, and in the ugliest way possible. Not only is the guy in the picture below wearing a Northwestern jersey, he went the extra mile and had it customized with his name on it.

The gentleman in question: ESPN's most unapologetic Northwestern grad, Michael Wilbon.

Michael Wilbon wore a Northwestern jersey to the Northwestern-Cal game.

In defense of Wilbon having his name written on the back of his Wildcat jersey, he does serve as a member of the Northwestern University Board of Trustees, though whether or not that gives him a blank check to get away with a very tricky area of men's fashion is open for debate.

(via @PickSixPreviews)

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