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Miami Hurricanes legends Randal Hill and Gino Torrertta compare Alabama to the glory days of The U.

Written by Juan Cena on Friday, September 06 2013 and posted in SWRT
Miami Hurricanes legends Randal Hill and Gino Torrertta compare Alabama to the glory days of The U.

Al.com reporter Michael Casagrande asked Former Miami wide receiver Randal "The Thrill" Hill and quarterback Gino Torrettato compare the Hurricanes legendary era of college football dominance in the late '80 and early '90's to that of Alabama's modern day dominance of sport. Hill sees a difference in the styles of play of the two teams.

"They'renot beating people the way the University of Miami was beating people back inthe day," he said. "We beat people by as many points as we could before thefirst half when the coaches pulled us out. A lot of the times we wouldn't playin the second half."

Hill also commented that "Ijust don't think Alabama has that type of flair and that type of audacity towin with the style of the University of Miami did back in the day." Though he pointed out "As long as you'rewinning games, that's all that matters. And that's what they're doing."

Torretta, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1992 leading the Miami lost the national title to Alabama in the 1003 Sugar Bowl, said the offenses were similar, but that "biggest similarity" of the two schools was on the defensive side.

Still, Alabama head football coach Nick Saban would probably doesn't really want comparisons between his Crimson Tide teams to those of "The U's" glory days due to all the "extracurricular" stuff surrounding the program in those days. Heck, it's probably not a good idea to mention the word "Miami" in front of Saban, if you catch my drift.


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