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Arizona State mocks USC Fight On hype video.

Written by Juan Cena on Thursday, September 26 2013 and posted in SWRT
From the "it had to happen depeartment" comes news that somebody made a parody of that notorious USC "Trojans for Life" hype video.  Now who the devil would want to go and make a...oh, I get it.

Yes, Arizona State, who host the Trojans on Satudray,  is the guilty party in this parody, which garners bonus points for being about 2:50 minutes shorter than the original. It also features a furry taking out a glee club, which is always fun to watch.

Arizona St. is also planning a "Maroon Monsoon" for Saturday's game, which means The school is planning for a) Fans to wear maroon to the game, or b) One heck of a case of Iowa-class team Rhabdomyolysis. As Arizona State desires to win this game, I'll go with a).

(HT: @HouseOfSparky)

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