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Tennessee students paint Lane Kiffin a message on The Rock.

University of Tennessee students traditionally use The Rock on the school's Knoxville campus to express themselves. Naturally, sports is a favorite topic of the intrepid graffiti artists proponents of free speech. Thus it is no surprise that USC's firing of head football coach Lane Kiffin - the same lane Kiffin who left Tennessee after one season of coaching the Volunteers - warranted the latest defacing of message painted upon the  ninety-eight ton piece of  Knox dolomite.

Tennessee students paint Lane Kiffin a message on The Rock.

"Karma is a Butch," as in Butch Jones, current Tennessee head football coach. Incidentally, Jones has the same 3-2 record this season as Kiffin does, along with zero in-conference wins. Put that one in a little perspective.

(via @Matt_HayesSN )

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