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An Alabama or Auburn football game at Talladega Suoerspeedway? Not so fast.

Written by Juan Cena on Tuesday, October 15 2013 and posted in SWRT
An Alabama or Auburn football game at Talladega Suoerspeedway? Not so fast.
Talladega Superspeedway. Photo via Wikipedia.

With the announcement that Tennessee will square off against Virginia Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016, it's not surprising that someone would suggest that one of the South's other NASCAR Meccas, Talladega Superspeedway, might also be a nice place to hold college football game. naturally  Alabama or Auburn football come to mind as one of the participants. Or if you wish  to take that idea to its most logical conclusion, have Talladega host Iron Bowl there, where the Crimson Tide and Tigers could play in front of a ginormous crowd.

Sadly, the one thing standing in the way is logistics, as ESPN's Dr. Jerry Punch points out. The main problem is that Talladega seats fewer people than Bristol, which Punch calls "the Rose Bowl of Racetracks." Also, Talladega's track is also a 2.66 mile tri-oval, as compared to Bristol's half-mile oval track.

"The problem is Talladega doesn't seat 165,000," Punch said. "It'd be great to think about that, but you'd really have to find a creative way. You could put a football field in the grass, but you'd have a hard time getting enough people around it." 

"I don't know of another facility that is a half-mile track with that kind of seating," Punch said. "Bristol is unique."

Talladega's tri-oval shape could provide ample space for a football field, but its seating arrangement would make it hard for fans to encircle the gridiron. Bristol has a more stadium-like configuration, allowing for more football stadium-like seating.


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