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Georgia wide-receiver arrested for marijuana posession, alledegly caught smoking in dorm room.

Georgia wide-receiver arrested for marijuana posession, alledegly caught smoking in dorm room.

More bad news for Georgia, just in time for the annual rivalry game with Florida in Jacksonville on Saturday. Wide receiver Justin Scott-Wesley was arrested on Thursday for "marijuana and possession/use of a drug object." This followed housing personnel in his dormitory "detected the odor of marijuana" coming from his dorm room.

"According to police records, UGA Police officer Matt Browning was dispatched to the dormitory at 10:41 p.m., Wednesday. The officer traced the smell on the first floor of the dorm to Scott-Wesley’s room. After Scott-Wesley was confronted, he grudgingly gave consent to search his room and glass pipe and marijuana “grinder” were located in a desk drawer. No significant quantities of marijuana were found but the residue in the grinder resulted in the possession charges, according to the report."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Chip Towers reports that the arrest warrant for Scott-Wesley "was not issued until Thursday morning," and that the Georgia WR turned himself in to authorities at the Athens Clarke-County Jail on Thursday afternoon. He was released on $4,000 bond.

Scott-Wesley was sidelined for the season with an knee injury during the Bulldogs' Oct. 5 win over Tennessee. Sadly, this apparently gave him too much free time on his hands.

Georgia team officials were unavailable for comment, reportedly due to being en route to Jacksonville.

(via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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