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Welcome to the Fallout: Auburn, Missouri, Kevin Sumlin, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout -Well, that was eventful!
It's the End of the World as We Know It.
Auburn shocks the world with a literal last-second 100-yd. field goal return to defeat Alabama 34-28 and win the SEC West title. (AP/ESPN)
Stand By Your Man. 
Alabama players show their support for kicker Cade Foster, whose two missed kicks and blocked kick cost the Crimson Tide its third BCS title in a row. (
Missouri waltzes to SEC East title.
Missouri wins the SEC East title by defeating Texas A&M 28-21. (AP/ESPN)
Send Away the Tigers. 
Auburn and Missouri will face off in the first-ever all Tiger SEC title game in Atlanta next Saturday. (

On brave new world... 
Jerry Palm of CBS Sports now has Florida State vs. Ohio State in the BCS title game, with Auburn vs. Central Florida in the Sugar Bowl, Alabama vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl, Michigan State vs. Stanford in the Rose Bowl, and  Oklahoma State vs. Northern Illinois in the Fiesta Bowl.
Of course with out luck, Duke will beat FSU in the ACC title came next week, Mizzou beats Auburn for the SEC title, and Mich. St. beats the Buckeyes for the Big Ten title, and everything blows to smithereens.
Let's Make a Deal.
Texas A&M and head coach Kevin Sumlin reportedly come to teams for a new six-year contract. (Sporting News)

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