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ESPN forgets Fiesta Bowl is a BCS bowl, mentions Rose Bowl twice instead.

With Oklahoma's shock-the-world upset win over Alabama, ESPN has pointed out that Bob Stoops has become the only head coach to win games in all BCS bowls during the BCS era. He's won the Sugar Bowl, The Rose Bowl, The Orange Bowl, and The Rose Bowl? Wait a minute, something's wrong here...

Apparently whoever is manning ESPN chyron machine tonight forgot the Fiesta Bowl is a BCS game. (An ESPN chyron fail? Shock!) Though in the WWL's defense, the words "Fiesta Bowl" are probably touchy subjects around Norman after the Sooners' loss to Boise State in 2007. Beating UConn in 2011 probably isn't something to write home about, either.
(via @PacificTakes)

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