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Covering Dixie - Derek Mason, Tony Brown, recruiting, and...Dabo Swinney?

Written by Juan Cena on Wednesday, January 22 2014 and posted in SWRT
Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. Don't you wish your conference was just like us?
Covering Dixie - Derek Mason, Tony Brown, recruiting, and...Dabo Swinney?

Sorry this is late. Let's just say that my Nightmare Closet exploded last night, and it takes time to recover from the seeing Bucky Badger lead the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets in the Electric Slide.
New Kid in Town.
Brandon Larrabee ponders whether or not new Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason on-the-field performance will be able to match the splash his hiring has made. (Team Speed Kills)
That's not what happened!
Witnesses to the arrest of Alabama freshman cornerback Tony Brown dispute the official Tuscaloosa Police Department report of Brown's arrest. (
I've seen the future, and it will be.
Kevin Scarbinsky predicts Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney will be a candidate to succeed Nick Saban as head coach or Alabama. (

Cody wants a pony.
Former LSU punter Cody Parkey discusses preparing for the Senior Bowl, and trying to "get (a) leg up" on the chase for an elusive spot in the 2014 NFL Draft as a kicker. (


There's a possibility, but no chance.
Doc Harper wonders if Arkansas can put together a  top-25 recruiting class for 2014. (Arkansas Fight)
Things that won't help Arkansas achieve a top-25 recruiting class.
Florida high school senior tight end Ravian Pierce has decommited from Arkansas' 2014 recruiting class. (Arkansas Fight)

Rico and the Lavender Moon.

Georgia Prep Sports Academy wide receiver Rico Johnson has recommitted to Georgia. He had previously done so in 2013, but was ruled academically ineligible. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Nightmare Fuel.

It's the most creepiest time of the year.
Covering Dixie - Derek Mason, Tony Brown, recruiting, and...Dabo Swinney?
Aaron Murray. Via

Senior Bowl weigh-ins. The time of year where college football players are forced to walk in front of reporters wearing nothing but their compression shorts in public. This includes many players who should never be seen half-naked in public. (

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