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A.J. McCarron thought the Grammy's were demonic.

Written by Juan Cena on Sunday, January 26 2014 and posted in SWRT
Former Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron apparently watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. I guess he figured the Pro Bowl and Royal Rumble PPV were going to be total wastes of time. (Judging from the reactions from the Daniel Bryan fans I know, it was.) The performances Sunday night were troubling enough for McCarron that he felt it necessary to share his feelings to the world on Twitter.
You can check out McCarron's reaction on his Twitter timeline, but here it is just in case A.J. decides to delete it.
A.J. McCarron thought the Grammy's were demonic.

And McCarron Tweetes before the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis "Same Love" performance with all the same sex marriages. Maybe it was Daft Punk that freaked him out.
Maybe he just angry that he didn't get invited to Johnny Manziel's Grammy party. Oh well.
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