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A.J. McCarron signs endorsement deal with AXE Hair.

A.J. McCarron signs endorsement deal with AXE Hair.
A.J. McCarron with Katherine Webb.

If you were hoping to see A.J. McCarron, his mother Dee Dee Bonner, and girlfriend Katherine Webb in one of those creepy Old Spice Body Spray commercials, you might be out of luck. The former Alabama quarterback has reportedly signed an endorsement deal with AXE Hair. 

The deal apparently just cover AXE hair care products, though its probably safe to assume it would discourage McCarron from signing endorsement deals with competing men's grooming products lines such as Old Spice. That is probably a good thing, as the Old Spice creepmasters might have come up with something disturbing and extremely Freudian involving McCarron's chest tattoos.
(via College Spun)

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