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Urban Meyer, his son, a giant fish, and a bare-chested Jimmy Johnson.

Urban Meyer, his son, a giant fish, and a bare-chested Jimmy Johnson.
Nate Meyer, Jimmy Johnson, and Urban Meyer. Photo via CBS Sports.

Presented without with limited comment - Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, and his son Nate with Nate's fishing trophy, a big frickin Mahi-mahi. And oh yeah, NFL on FOX's Jimmy Johnson shirtless.

Johnson shared the soon-to-be-infamous pic on Twitter.

We should all be thankful that Mahi-mahi was big enough to cover most of Johnson's bare flesh, because the internet could not bear the strain.
Also, notice that Urbs is wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. That won't do the perception that he dislikes professional sports franchises in Ohio. 
(via CBS Sports)

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