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Tennessee players dressed like Derek Dooley at SEC Media Days.

Written by Juan Cena on Friday, July 22 2011 and posted in SWRT
While no one has been looking, Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley has been building a small cult of personality in the Volunteer State. Dooley's followers are obsessed with his hairhis hat, his incredible way with words, and now apparently his fashion sense. At Tennessee's SEC Media Days session on Thursday, Vol seniors Tauren Poole, Malik Jackson, and junior Dallas Thomas were conspicuous in the fact that they were all dressed like His Hairness' "black suit, orange tie and a Power T on the lapel."

"Thursday's dress might have appeared orchestrated, if not mandated. But this display of team unity actually was achieved independently.

Thomas laughed with surprise when told during a News Sentinel Sports Page radio interview that he was dressed no differently from head coach Derek Dooley. He laughed again when the coach — dressed almost identically — took his place at the microphone.

"I guess Coach Dooley is influencing us," Thomas said later."

Want visual proof? Here it is.

Defensive tackle Malik Jackson.

Running Back Tauren Poole.

Left tackle Dallas Thomas.

Poole still had a little bit of individuality. Dooley will be sure to work on that as the 2011 season progresses. A little bit of conformity is okay, but it can be taken to extremes. If the Tennessee squad all decide to get Tyler Bray-esque tattoos on their backs, then it'll be time to panic.

(via Knoxville News-Sentinel)


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