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Forget Les Miles. Brady Hoke is becomming a Mad Hatter in his own right.

Written by Juan Cena on Friday, September 30 2011 and posted in SWRT
Does this look like a sane man to you?
Remember when Michigan tried to hire Les Miles away from LSU? Well, it seems that Wolverine head football coach Brady Hoke is turning out to be a Mad Hatter in his own right. In this case, though he's more like Jervis Tech, the Batman chapeau-obsessed arch-enemy who goes by the the Mad Hatter moniker than a Mad Hatter like Miles, whom is, well, mad. It seems that Hoke has gotten into the habit of confiscating Wolverine player's headgear that feature sports teams that are not Michigan.  

"Those are hats from players that don't wear Michigan hats in here," Hoke told the San Diego Union-Tribune while showing off his collection, which now includes specimens touting the Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Penguins — though no one, thankfully, has had the audacity to walk in wearing a logo from another school. "You only wear Michigan in here."

Hoke's "Michigan only" philosophy is of the kind that, if found outside of a college sports program, would be possibly be labeled as cult-like. Michigan players should pray that they don't show up to practice one day to find Hoke standing at the door between twin vats of applesauce and Kool-aid. Or that The FBI doesn't show up at the Michigan practice facility in full riot gear.

And Heaven forbid that a player decides to show up wearing a cap from another school, especially if that school is Ohio State. Hoke may add the cap to his horde...along with the player's head.

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