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Idiot's Guide Weekly: A Salute to Geeky Girls and Nerdy Females

IGW salutes nerdy women everywhere! Also, comics, news and the latest Idiot's Guide Contest!

Indie Insights: Hero Worship

Ken Eppstein returns to talk about comics, music and more in his latest intstallment of Indy Insights!

Idiot's Guide Special: Fear Itself #1 Review/Recap

IGW reviews Fear Itself! Nothing will ever be the same!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Watcher's Weight Problem

IGW brings in a fake doctor to diagnose The Watcher's weight problem!  Plus, news, comics and more!

Indie Insights: On Distribution

Ken Eppstein, editor for the independent Nix Comic Quarterly, shares his thoughts about the struggles of distributing an small press anthology.

Catching Up with Riley Rossmo

With the release of today's Image Comics' Green Wake, I interview artist Riley Rossmo!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Limp Resurrections

IGW talks about comic characters that should have stayed dead!  Plus news, reviews and more!


Masterful artist/writer Mike Allred is back with 45 pages of the misadventures of his hero of mythic proportions, Madman!

Savage Dragon: Emperor Dragon Review

Indy Hunter reviews the Savage Dragon: Emperor Dragon TPB!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Superhero Marriage Advice

Idiot's Guide Weekly asks superheroes about their thoughts on matrimony!  Plus, news, comics and more!

Review: HELLRAISER #1 - "Pursuit of the Flesh: Part One"

Oh my how Hell has risen and waited sooo long to embrace its originator. Indy Hunter returns for a special review of BOOM!'s Hellraiser #1!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: And That's Terrible

Superman writer Chris Roberson guest stars in the latest installment of IGW! Featuring Lex Luthor's cake villainry, comic reviews and all the latest news!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: America Hates Sean McKeever

IGW unleashes a tirade against Sean McKeever!  Plus News, Comic Reviews and More!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Outbreak Edition

IGW has a fever!  And the only cure is...lots of rest, water and not writing a long column.

Idiot's Guide Special: Avengers in Cleveland

Idiot's Guide takes a look at what the characters in next summer's Avengers' movie can do in Cleveland!