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Idiot's Guide Weekly: America Hates Sean McKeever

IGW unleashes a tirade against Sean McKeever!  Plus News, Comic Reviews and More!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Outbreak Edition

IGW has a fever!  And the only cure is...lots of rest, water and not writing a long column.

Idiot's Guide Special: Avengers in Cleveland

Idiot's Guide takes a look at what the characters in next summer's Avengers' movie can do in Cleveland!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Blame it on the Alcohol

IGW discusses the best and worst superheroes to drink with.  Plus reviews, news and more!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Duckthulhu Will Rise!

Idiot's Guide Weekly introduces the next Idiot's Guide Contest and gets some presidential advice from Lex Luthor!  Plus news and weekly comic reviews!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Brian Jacques Remembered

Idiot's Guide Weekly remembers Brian Jacques, writer of the popular Redwall series, with Bryan JL Glass (MICE TEMPLAR) and David Petersen (MOUSE GUARD).  Plus, news, comics and more!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Week Five

Although it was a light week in the comic book world, IGW still delivers as best as it can (which isn't very much)!

Getting Bulletproof With Shaky Kane

I get to interview an inspiration of mine, Shaky Kane! The artist and co-mastermind of the critically acclaimed Bulletproof Coffin!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: Week Four

Idiot's Guide Weekly reviews Blacksad, chats up Wally West and discusses the state of Death-Bags in Comics!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: The Rise and Fall of An American Icon

Idiot's Guide talks about Stretchy People, announces The First Idiot's Guide Contest and reviews I Kill Giants!  Plus news, comics, and more!

The New Man in Wonder Woman's Life, Phil Hester

Phil Hester visits Face To Greg to discuss Wonder Woman.

Idiot's Guide Weekly: America Hearts IGW!

Idiot's Guide reviews The Green Hornet, says goodbye to Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and covers everything you need to know about Green Lantern in 200 words or less!

Idiot's Guide Weekly: It Starts Here!

Idiot's Guide Goes Weekly!  Covering all the Best (and Worst) Comics and News of the Week!

An Idiot's Guide to Superheroes: 2010 Recap

Idiot's Guide covers everything that happened last year.  And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

Let's Ask #3: What's Your Horror? Part 2: Movies

Continuing from Part 1 of Let's Ask #3 on this fine Halloween day, Greg asks creators about their favorite horror movies.