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An Idiot's Guide to Superheroes: Batman

This is An Idiot's Guide to Superheroes.  It contains a quick, informative, and not 100% factual look at various superheroes throughout the ages.  Should be read at your own risk and for...

$k!d M@rk$: DC Comics in the DCU?

You ever wonder what kinds of comics denizens of the DC Universe read?  Well, here's a few of the more obscure fan favorites.

Indy Hunter: Enforcers #0

The mullet is back! Well not really, but the Indy Hunter explains in this weeks review of Enforcers #0!

CyberTalk with FrankenCastle's Rick Remender!

On the return of Face To Greg, I interview writer of Marvel's FrankenCastle, Doctor Voodoo, and Radical's The Last Days of American Crime and discussing writing his set of bad-ass heroes.

!Skid Marks! : Shock Value in Comics

What's with all these shocking images in comics nowadays?  Are they good, bad, or something else?  Has shock comic writing dropped the baby?

Indy Hunter: Leaves of Yggdrasil

An all NEW Independent Comic review column by Bam Too's J.M. Hunter! Check out the very first review featuring Leaves of Yggdrasil!

It's Con Season! Autograph Etiquette

It's Duck Season!  It's Wabbit Season!  No, it's Con Season!  Here's some hints and how-ya-dos for getting autographs from your favorite writers and artists!

Defense of Cobra Island Set

Zechs has obtained one of the holy grails of the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe collection, the SEVEN figure pack Defense of Cobra Island set. And Zechs is going to look at every single one of...

Toy Shed: Hawkeye/Piledriver and Absorbing Man/Dr. Doom Secret Wars Two-Packs

You knew it was inevitable the moment Zechs first heard of it. His review of Secret Wars two packs Hawkeye/Piledriver and Absorbing Man/DOOM....

Toy Shed: Thor/Enchantress and Ultron/Mr. Fantastic Secret Wars Two-Packs

Zechs take's a look at the Secret Wars two packs of Thor/Enchantress and Ultron/THE ACCURSIVE RICHARDS aka Mister Fantastic.

Toy Shed: Iron Man 2's Crimson Dynamo & War Machine

Toy Shed of Outhouse. RISE!! Zechs brings back the Toy Shed to look at the new Iron Man 2 figures plus the original Iron Monger version 3.0....

Haunting with David Hine Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 of Haunting With Hine where we now discuss Spider-Man Noir 2: Eyes Without a Face, Arkham Reborn, Ryder of the Storm, Bullet Proof Coffin, etc!

Haunting with David Hine Part. 1

David Hine returns to Face To Greg just in time for Halloween to discuss Radical Comic's FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency and DC's Arkham Reborn!

Diversifying Snow

I interview comicdiversity's Jeff Snow about his comic, diversity, and site...

Skid Marks: Mid-Ohio Con 2009!!!

Read about my misadventures in Columbus! High points:  Meeting artists like Fred Hembeck, Scott Kolins and Arvell Jones.  AND DEADFETT!!! Low points:  Traffic, parking, walking...