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Toy Shed: Thor/Enchantress and Ultron/Mr. Fantastic Secret Wars Two-Packs

Zechs take's a look at the Secret Wars two packs of Thor/Enchantress and Ultron/THE ACCURSIVE RICHARDS aka Mister Fantastic.

Toy Shed: Iron Man 2's Crimson Dynamo & War Machine

Toy Shed of Outhouse. RISE!! Zechs brings back the Toy Shed to look at the new Iron Man 2 figures plus the original Iron Monger version 3.0....

Haunting with David Hine Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 of Haunting With Hine where we now discuss Spider-Man Noir 2: Eyes Without a Face, Arkham Reborn, Ryder of the Storm, Bullet Proof Coffin, etc!

Haunting with David Hine Part. 1

David Hine returns to Face To Greg just in time for Halloween to discuss Radical Comic's FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency and DC's Arkham Reborn!

Diversifying Snow

I interview comicdiversity's Jeff Snow about his comic, diversity, and site...

Skid Marks: Mid-Ohio Con 2009!!!

Read about my misadventures in Columbus! High points:  Meeting artists like Fred Hembeck, Scott Kolins and Arvell Jones.  AND DEADFETT!!! Low points:  Traffic, parking, walking...

Pittsburgh Comicon 2009: New Digs

Another Pitt Con has come and gone.  I have memories of misadventures and boobs.

Image's Olympus #4 Preview

Preview art from the upcoming Olympus #4 from Image Comics, by Nathan Edmondson and Christian Ward.

Skid Marks: Confessions of an Aging Fanboy

As you get older, your tastes change for many things.  Sadly, comics is one of them.

And the Winners Are...

Hasbro has FINALLY revealed the three winners of the 2010 Fan Choice Marvel Legends. These winners will go on to be in two packs with three other figures (chosen by Hasbro).

Skid Marks: The JLA Effect

Justice League of America.  The book that set the standard for all team books to follow.  So why doesn't it work?

Gays and Blacks Are Contrived, Dammit!

Once again I complain about the claims of racial agendas, this time with contrived homos! Hey look, gay and black superhero Josiah Power!


Skid Marks: Crossovers: I Love 'em, I Hate 'em. ARRRRGH!!!

We all love crossovers.  We all hate them.  What would comics be without them?

Rise of Cobra: Firefly

It's the rise of the Toy Shed with Zechs looking at the Toys R Us exclusives from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Olympus #2 Preview!

Do you want to know what rocked last month? Image's Olympus #1! If you haven't picked up the issue, you've done yourself a great disservice. Today we have a 5 page preview of issue 2. Come see what...