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Blazing With Jesse Snider!

    Today on Face To Greg we chat with Dead Romeo's Jesse Blaze Snider as we talk about the book, vampires, Baptized By Fire, horror flicks, etc etc! Jooooinnnn...

Image's Olympus Special Cover Previews

The great Nathan Edmonson forwarded me some awesone cover previews to share with my Face To Greg readers!

Toy Shed: Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock

Due to personal reasons, Zechs is out this week.

G.I. Joe Five-Pack (Lady Jaye, Flint, Shipwreck, General Hawk, and Snake-Eyes)

Oh yes, Zechs is a sly one. He delayed his review of the Five Pack G.I. Joes (Snake-Eyes, Shipwreck, General Hawk, Flint, and Lady Jaye) a week just so he could post it when G.I. Joe Resolute was...

Toy Shed: Asajj Ventress

The dark side beckons Zechs again to review a Star Wars figure. This time Clone Wars Asajj Ventress.

Holy Olympus with Nathan Edmondson!

      Today on Face To Greg, we discuss Image's upcoming Olympus writer, Nathan Edmonson, about the new book while I try to get some top secret info out of the...

Crafting Film with John Hunter!

Interviewing film-maker John Hunter as we discuss his films, his influences, some good ol' funny books, and Heather!

Toy Shed: Wolverine Origins


Toy Shed: Transformers Animated Shockwave

Zechs believes in Longarm Prime the Transformers Animated figure. But will you?! Come on just look at that picture? How can you not trust this bot? What could he possibly be hiding?  ...

Toy Shed: Resolute Cobra Commander

It's that time again. Zechs reviews the newest Cobra Commander figure, from the Resolute line. So what if it's another Cobra Commander figure. That's not the point you FOOLS! It's the fact that...

Toy Shed: Adventures in Toy Hunting

Zechs is taking a minor break from reviewing figures to give you a little bird's eye view into how he gets these figures and the pros with the cons on toy hunting. Hilarity will follow.

Toy Shed: General Grievous

This review from Zechs will have some grievous details on the newest General Grievous figure from Star Wars.

Reviewing Image's Proof

Reviewing Image's Proof by the team of Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo.

Toy Shed: Sith Evolution 3-pack

Three bad boy Sith Lords? Screw the rule of two. Zechs wants them all! Zechs take's a look at Star Wars: Sith Evolution three pack.

Toy Shed: DCU Wave 2

The Toy Shed Strikes Back After searching for weeks and finding some of the latest hot figures. It has given Zechs new life and thus the dreaded Toy Shed is alive and well! In addition, with its...