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Fable: The Journey XBox Live Trial Starts Today

The full game won't land until October 9th, but the demo version is out today on XBox Live for Fable fans or skeptics to try out.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition Announced

Dragon Age III: Inquisition Announced, Coming 2013

Sunday Fun-Day: Cool Videos From Around The Web

Relaxing this Sunday and find yourself online for something interesting for a few minutes? Check out these (mostly geeky) videos.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Delayed

Trent Oster of Overhaul Games announced this week that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition would be delayed until November.

Kickstart My Heart: Project Eternity by Obsidian

Makers of some of the best RPG video games to date: Obsidian have launched a kickstarter project to develop their own game from the ground up.

'A Journey Through Skyrim' Mod Rundown, Part One

In this multi-part series, I'll be taking a look at some of the various mods used in creating the webcomic "A Journey Through Skyrim"

Making Halo 4: Return of The Forerunners

Get a behind the scenes look at Halo 4 as the developer team talks about creating this games newest villains: The Forerunners.

New 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Novella On The Way

George R.R. Martin has a new "Dunk & Egg" novella coming out in an anthology in May 2013.

Valve's Steam coming to TV with 'Big Picture'

Valve is launching a tv-mode of their Steam service for your TV! Check out their latest project: Big Picture.

Peeing in Your Shower: Missing the Mark - Spider-Man & Todd McFarlane

This week, Keb revisits childhood memories and examines the writing in Todd McFarlane's short-lived 90's Spider-Man run.

Indie on Indie Brad Abraham

This Indie on Indie Spotlight focuses on how MixTape Creator Brad Abraham uses music themes in his comic books to reach his readers and to focus his talents!

EA's confusing focus for single-player games

EA head honcho, Frank Gibeau, stirs up fan fervor with statement on single player games.

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC Review & Discussion

The new Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire was released today and we have a review, as well as some tips for players getting started on the homefront.

Peeing in Your Shower: How to Destroy Your Superhero - Marvel Knights Spider-Man

This week, Keb continues his look at how writers break superheroes with a reading of Mark Millar's work on the Wall Crawler.

Peeing in Your Shower: How to Destroy Your Superhero - Daredevil

This week, Keb takes a look at two very important Daredevil stories and compares the newer as homage to the latter.